About Us

The Gazit-Globe Real Estate Institute was established with the aspiration of serving as the main academic platform in Israel for the study and research of the field of real estate. The institute began operating at IDC Herzliya in October 2011 thanks to a generous donation from Gazit-Globe. The institute acts in the spirit of academic excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship that has earned IDC Herzliya renown.

The institute strives to achieve the following goals in the field of real estate in Israel:

  • Promote academic research
  • Develop academic programs
  • Develop executive education programs
  • Strengthen ties between academia and the industry
  • Influence public discourse


Courses in the field of real estate are taught at IDC Herzliya under the institute’s auspices as part of the undergraduate degree program in law and business. In the 2012-2013 academic year, a new sub-specialization in real estate was launched as part of the MBA program at the Arison School of Business.

In addition to the academic degree programs, the institute performs a wide range of activities, including conducting academic research, creating new indices, offering executive education programs in the field of real estate, and hosting delegations and ongoing activities such as conferences, forums, roundtable discussions and seminars.

Academic Director: Prof. Amnon Lehavi, CEO: Dr. Efrat Tolkowsky, Content Manager: Michal Amir