The Gazit-Globe Real Estate Institute conducts an ongoing program of activities that includes conferences, roundtable discussions, forums, seminars and lectures. Some of the institute’s activities are open to the public and some are especially for researchers from leading universities in Israel and around the world, experts and senior executives in the field of real estate, senior representatives of Israeli government ministries, senior representatives of local governments, senior figures from the private sector and representatives from the nonprofit organizations.


Roundtable Discussion - “Economic Agglomeration and Metropolitan Tel Aviv” - 6.7.2014

Session at the Fourteenth Annual Herzliya Conference on “Cooling the Real-Estate Market: Can Local Authorities Facilitate Affordable Housing?” - 9.6.2014

Hosting a Delegation of MBA Students from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College - 18.3.2014

Roundtable Discussion - “How to Provide Local Authorities with Incentives to Increase the Population in their Jurisdiction” - 14.1.2014

Roundtable Discussion - Urban Regeneration - 11.7.2013

International AREUEA Meeting in Jerusalem - 23-26.6.2013

Ceremony Honoring Mr. Chaim Katzman - IDC Herzliya Honorary Fellow - 29.5.2013

Conference: Real Estate Across Borders - 30.4.2013

Symposium on The Current Challenges of Affordable Housing - 29.4.2013

Conference: How to Burst the Real Estate Bubble - 18.12.2012

Affordable Housing Seminar - 2-3.12.2012

Executive MBA Real Estate Management Program HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences - 9-11.7.2012 

Dedication of the Gazit-Globe Real Estate Institute and Salute to Prof. Peter Linneman - 24.6.12

Roundtable Discussion: Are Housing Prices in Israel High and if so, Why? - 7.6.2012

Roundtable Discussion: The Reform in Israel's Planning Law - 30.4.2012

Roundtable Discussion: Contractual Zoning in Local Governments in Israel - 16.1.2012