Undergraduate Program

Specialization in Real Estate for Students in the Law and Business Program

The Radzyner School of Law offers a specialization in real estate as an option within the law and business program for undergraduates. The specialization in real estate, which Prof. Amnon Lehavi heads, is distinctive, attractive, and provides academic tools at the highest level along with real-world exposure to real-estate entrepreneurship in order to prepare alumni of the program to be entrepreneurs and legal experts. The specialization’s capstone course is a workshop on real-estate entrepreneurship and development in which students submit a business plan for a project in the field of residential real estate or commercial real estate that incorporates the wealth of knowledge that they attained throughout their studies in the program. Due to the nature of the specialization in real estate, it is limited to only 70 students from each cohort, with a total of 140 students participating in it at once during their third and fourth years of studies in the law and business program.

Students begin taking courses in the specialization in real estate during the second semester of their third year of studies, after completing the foundational courses in law, business and economics, which include courses on property law, investment theory and the fundamentals of finance.

The current curriculum in the specialization includes the following courses:

3rd year, 2nd semester:

  • Introduction to Real Estate Financing - Dr. Tolkowsky Efrat 
  • Israel Land Administration Law - Adv. Zaccai Rachel
4th year, 1st semester:
  • Town Planning and Construction Law - Prof. Lehavi Amnon
  • International Real Estate Managment - Dr. Baraz Daniel
  • Advanced Real Estate Business Transactions - Adv. Rozovski Galit
  • Workshop: Land Development and Entrepreneurship - Mr. Alias Guy and Shufman Felix (Annual)
4th year, 2nd semester:
  • Land Taxation - Adv. Seroussi Yardena
  • Real Eastate Accounting - CPA Sanderovich Eli
  • Workshop: Land Development and Entrepreneurship - Mr. Alias Guy and Shufman Felix (Annual)